#23 Amidst Earth State Change

At this mid-point of 2022 let's reflect on what state-changes have taken place over the past 6 months, and ask what Earth State Intelligence should be gathered and shared going forward, and how best to do this, to best meet the needs of this rapidly growing movement.

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By ixo

We are keeping this week's briefing short, to focus on the question "what next?"

In the January edition of the Earth State Briefing, we set out an agenda for the emerging ReFi themes we planned to cover over the year, and asked the question:

Will 2022 be the year the world realises a new (Tokenised) Earth Economy is born? – wen Tokenised Earth Economy?

At the halfway mark of this tumultuous year, we have explored the themes of ReFi and the Tokenised Earth Economy in the context of Nature-based Solutions; Education; Impact Investment; Natural Disasters; Regenerative Agriculture; Financial Inclusion and Community Development; Decentralised Organisations; Green Energy; and creating Marketplaces for impact.

We believe that a powerful ReFi narrative is emerging, and with this, a growing people's movement that's all about scaling voluntary collaboration, for the good of humanity and regenerating the planet.

Concepts such as Nature-based Crypto Assets, Impact DAOs, Funding the Commons, and Green Pilled all becoming part of the language we use to describe the idealogical, cultural, sociological, technological, economic, and epistemological phenomenon that is Web3 purposed for social, economic and environmental sustainability, ecological regeneration, and climate action.

And then we have the crypto crash. Yet another demonstration of how the unsustainable debt-driven derivative financial economy based models that are causing traditional financial systems to fail, have failed spectacularly in the hyper-drive crypto economy. This is a stark reminder that the tools and technologies we create can do both good and harm, depending on how we use them.

Where to from here?

The developments over the past 6 months have been making us think hard about what purpose the Earth State Intelligence platform should serve going forward.

Now more than ever, we see the critical need to gather and share the evidence of what's working or not, and what are the real impacts of Web3 on the Earth State.

So we are taking pause to reflect and to gather your ideas, suggestions and advice about how the Earth State Intelligence platform should evolve.

We want to know should the primary purpose of Earth State continue to be gathering and sharing intelligence about ReFi and the tokenised Earth economy? What are the key value propositions that Earth State should deliver? Who should be the creators, custodians, contributors, curators, and stakeholders of Earth State? Should we organise as a DAO? H0w should this be governed and funded?

To help shape the future of Earth State Intelligence, we invite you to have your say and contribute your thoughts. We have partnered with Ethelo to provide a structured way of collecting your inputs, using their governance tool. We invite you to take this quick survey now, as as a fun way of acknowledging your contribution, by completing the survey you will have a chance to win a ReFi Punk!

Earth State DAO

Earth State Markets

Here's the latest intelligence on the tokens and markets that are contributing to and growth of the Tokenised Earth Economy and relevant to ReFi.

This week bullish El Salvador purchased an additional 80 Bitcoin. They are currently down 54% on their overall crypto position! Bullish Microstrategy purchased an additional $10 million Bitcoin, signalling the opposite of what critics have been warning could be margin-call territory for this all-in Bitcoin investor. FTX is potentially buying BlockFi for $25 Million in a fire sale, that's down 99% on its previous private valuation. FTX has walked away from a salvage deal with Celsius after looking at the state of their finances. The Nasdaq has had its worst start to a year ever; the Dow Jones had its worst start since 1962!

📈Reference Markets over the past week


The OG of cryptos



Grayscale Spot ETF gets rejected again. Grayscale is now taking legal action. 


The king of Alts



Arbitrum airdrop paused due to high gas fees from the increased volume. Arbitrum fees tipped over $6, at the same time ETH fees were $5.


Interoperable Blockchain Chain



The cosmos hub dex emeris is on hold as development on it has stopped. See the official tweet here


Yield Farming on cosmos



Osmosis gets a Fiat onramp with Kado money!





Crypto.com turned 6 this week. Watch this recap of everything that they have achieved so far.


Smart-contracts on IBC



Want to launch your NFT project on Juno Network? You can with the Loop NFT Marketplace, landing soon on Juno Network.

📊Impact Markets over the past week


Ecological State Ledger



Read their monthly ‘newser’ here. What you can expect includes a science update, grants spotlight and community events.


The Layer 1 for Refi Projects



Chimple, one of ixo’s first Launchpad participants, has a two-way approach to education. Learn about it here.


Seigniorage stablecoins collateralised by crypto and natural assets.



The Celo ecosystem welcomed Plastiks_io NFT marketplace this week. ReFi Summer continues to build momentum.


Toucan Protocol: Base Carbon Tonnes



Catch them on a Twitter Space on July 6th with Celo, answering the question whether the Celo ecosystem is the home of ReFi.


Moving carbon from the sky into the soil.



Making web3 Green. Catch up on their Twitter Space where they discussed this with Dovu founder, Tapx and other participants!

📉DAO Shares over the past week

ℹ️ Remember that DAO’s with a rebase mechanism should be valued on their treasuries, and market cap increases are a more important metric than token prices, as high yields try to outpace price fluctuations.


Carbon Credits as its treasury




18,131,600 TONNES CO2

As You Are, the electronic music collective, has joined Klima Infinity. With the live music industry emitting 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 per year, it’s a huge opportunity for sourcing demand for on-chain carbon offsets.

Olympus DAO

The largest DAO built on Ethereum




$219 million

Want to learn more about their second month of Inverse Bonds? Read this thread for a detailed overview on how the month went down.

Gitcoin DAO

GTC - Platform to find meaningful open-source work



Check out their Year in Review. There’s a puzzle hidden in the document that nobody has solved yet. Can you solve it? You stand the chance to win some GTC!


DeFi Tools DAO 



Go on a deep dive with Luuk, PrimeDAOist, into a sister project, Kolektivo

🌱 Market Growth Signals

  • Mega-tonnes of Tokenised Carbon are being retired by Toucan Protocol as 4,500+ tonnes of nature-based carbon from the Lens Handle retirement challenge in collaboration with Lens Protocol & KlimaDAO.
Toucan Protocol: Retirement Certificates for Tokenized Carbon Offsets (TOUCAN-CERT) Token Tracker | PolygonScan
Toucan Protocol: Retirement Certificates for Tokenized Carbon Offsets (TOUCAN-CERT) Token Tracker on PolygonScan shows the price of the Token $0.00, total supply 0, number of holders 44 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data.
  • RefiDAO is building momentum as one of the most popular projects in the recent Github GR14 crowd-funding round, with the support of a passionate ReFiDAOist community, that you should join if you aren't already a member.
  • The Gitcoin Giving Season Grants Round 14 was a huge success, with record-breaking community participation of over 44,000 contributors making just under 600,000 contributions to over 1,250 grants. In total, $4.9M will be distributed to public goods, of which $3.2M came from the combined matching pools and $1,7M contributed by the community.
Did you know that the top 4 projects were part of the Climate Round?
  • The Internet of Blockchains is scaling fast. With 48 chains now connected via IBC and over $1B in volume over the past 30 days, these are signs that the Cosmos ecosystem is not slowing down anytime soon.
  • More Web3 x Climate on the map as the Climate Collective continues to add more projects and protocols to its map of known entities that are building ReFi applications across Web3 ecosystems.
Web3 Climate Map
A Kumu Project.

Earth State Gatherings

Not a week seems to pass without ReFi Summer bringing people together all over the world, to talk about Web3 for Climate, Social Impact, and ways of Funding the Commons.

  • Over recent weeks we have had ReFi Summer School, Celo Connect in Paris, and Funding the Commons in New York last weekend.
  • A highlight of the New York Funding the Commons event was this panel presentation by Mark Miller on the game theoretic rationale for why Web3 offers the only existential hope we currently have, to save humanity from ourselves and from the potential harms of AI, through large-scale voluntary cooperation.
  • Not afraid of the bears, at the same time New York also hosted NFT NYC – the "Superbowl of NFTs"
Vibe Check: What Was NFT NYC Like Amid a Bear Market? - Decrypt
A bear market didn’t much dampen the spirits of crypto fanatics that again converged on New York City last week.
MRV is key to unlocking planet-scale regeneration. We want to bring together established actors, newcomers, top talent, and conscious capital to move MRV forward with integrity. - ReFi DAO
  • This week ETH Barcelona brings the community together in Spain for Change from 6-8th July to explore how blockchain technology can help build a sustainable world full of human potential.
ETH Barcelona
👩‍🚀🌟 The first ETH-conference in Spain 4000 Attendees, 100+ Speakers 🔈3 days of music, culture and crypto 📅 Conference: July 6-8 🎟 Tickets are live 💬 https://linktr.ee/ethbarcelona

Earth State Updates

  • Getting practical about Sustainable AI SustAIn has released its first magazine edition, getting real and cutting to the chase, including interviews with experts in the field of sustainable AI and practical examples of real-world impacts.
In the midst of a climate crisis, where everything is on the line, the discussion deserves more accuracy, more nuance, more scrutiny, and more evidence. There are ways to make AI more sustainable, reduce its resource consumption, include affected communities in its development, and respect people’s autonomy.
New magazine on how sustainable AI can be put into practice - AlgorithmWatch
The environmental, social and economic sustainability costs of AI urgently need to be addressed by academia, industry, civil society and policy makers – based on evidence. With the first edition of our SustAIn magazine, we hope to fuel this debate.

🌍 For the Earth!

Web3, ReFi and The Tokenised Earth Economy seem more and more to be at the same time both an evolution and a revolution of technology, society, culture, and economy that the world needs. But we have to cut through the hype and become much more intelligent in our understanding of what are the real stocks and flows of digital currencies and what real impacts these are having on the real world, in the real economy, for real needs. Let's decide together what Earth State Intelligence we want to gather and share, and how best to achieve this going forward.

Join the weekly Earth State Twitter Space every Tuesday at 15:00 UTC, where we discuss what's moving in ReFi and the Tokenised Earth Economy.

This article is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. For tax advice talk to your accountant. DYOR – Do your own research.

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