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Here are some key mid-year updates from the ixo team, as we reach the halfway mark of 2023, with great momentum and regenerative energy!

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Arriving at mid-year, the ixo team has continued making incredible progress to address real Impact market needs with solutions built on the Web3 Internet of Impacts.


  • Impacts X is now in the App store: Your mobile wallet for the Internet of Impacts is now available the Apple App store. Check-out what you can do with this, and it's just the start of something truly special.
  • Winners of the Digital Innovations Challenge: The Emerging Eco dMRV platform for fuel-switching and digital Carbon Credit issuance built by ixo was awarded first place in the UNCDF and Clean Cooking Alliance challenge, which comes with $500k of grant funding for market scaling.
  • UBS explains Adaptive Financing with ixo: ย This major global financial institution has published a short video to explain how the ixo Adaptive Financing (AlphaBond) innovation can scale investments into Outcome-based Funding.
  • ReFi Cape Town has launched: We have helped launch and connect a youth-led local node to the fast-growing global ReFi DAO network. This is now being managed using our newly-released DAO tooling available in the ixo web platform.
  • $IXO lists on the Coinstore exchange: $IXO is listing on the popular Singapore-based exchange Coinstore, kicking-off with a 48-hour IEO marketing campaign on 1 July 2023.
Look out for the $IXO Coinstore listing and IEO on 1st July 

Impacts X lands in the App Store!

After many months of intensive development and testing, we are really excited to share with you that our flagship Impacts X mobile wallet for the Internet of Impacts has been released into the Apple App Store. The Android app will follow soon, when this has completed the Playstore submission review.

The Impacts X mobile wallet puts powerful tools in your hands to invest your money, time and skills into the social, environmental and climate Impacts that you care about. Join the global regeneration movement and share in the rewards of investing in the fast-growing Impact Economy! Grow and manage your portfolio of Impact Assets, using your Impacts X Wallet and WalletConnect to securely transact with Web3 applications. Earn rewards and claim carbon credits or other impact credits that are generated by your assets and investments. Offset your carbon footprint with a single click and inspire your friends by sharing credits with them. Show them how they too can make a difference!

Planned for our next big update, you will be able to use Impacts X to connect with projects and organisations that you care about, through the built-in Internet of Impacts Explorer. You'll be able to join projects and receive tokenised incentives or payments when your Impact Claims are verified. This is an opportunity to make your direct contributions to making a difference real and meaningful!

We hope you will find that Impacts X will become your go-to trusted companion and mobile portal to the Web3 Internet of Impacts. We want you to experience a journey of Impacts that values your time, skills, and investments in making change happen.

Winners of the Digital Innovations Challenge

Peter Bulovec from ixo with Mattias Ohlsen from Emerging Cooking Solutions

The Digital Innovation Challenge is an initiative hosted by UNCDF in partnership with the Clean Cooking Alliance, to address the challenges and explore opportunities in the clean cooking sector through the use of data and digitisation. The challenge brings together clean cooking companies and digital service providers to find solutions to issues such as data collection, monitoring, data protection, and security. This includes enhancing access to finance and carbon markets for the clean cooking sector.

As winners of the Bootcamp held in Nairobi last week, ixo together with Emerging Cooking Solutions was able to demonstrate how the Emerging Eco platform that we have built automates digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) of metered and measured clean energy devices, and enables high-quality ย digital Carbon credits to be issued directly onto the ixo blockchain. The award comes with a grant of $500,000 to scale the market adoption of this platform.

Emerging Energy
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Check out the winning pitch here

UBS explains how ixo is used for Outcome-based funding

Following our successful demonstration of the ixo Adaptive Financing (AlphaBonds) innovation for financing a 12-month primary education in India pilot last year, UBS and the UBS Optimus Foundation have published a short explainer video, which is a must-watch!

Player | UBS Video player

Plans are currently underway to scale this intervention to many more schools, and to further advance market adoption of the versatile ixo Adaptive Financing innovations for digital MRV and Outcome-based financing into many more use-cases and geographic regions.

ReFi Cape Town

ReFi Cape Town recently launched with support from ReFi DAO, the Climate Collective, ixo, the GitCoin Grants program, and Proteus Power.

ReFi Cape Town joins of a fast-growing global network of ReFi DAO Local Nodes using Web3 technologies and creating a popular movement to accelerate the transition towards regenerative economies.

Announcing the ReFi DAO Local Node Prize! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘
Today is a special day... on 23.03.23, we have launched ReFi DAO Local Node Prize with our friends at Commons Stack! Read announcement on Mirror TL;DR ๐Ÿ“– As apart of our vision to realize a regenerative economy rooted in local startup communities, we have decided to incubate ReFi

ReFi Cape Town is a youth-led initiative that arising fom the collaboration between our ixo team based in Cape Town, Younglings and RLabs.

The ReFi Cape Town launch campaign started with posts about the problems facing people living in the city of Cape Town, with the hashtag #ReFi_this

A local member's DAO has been formed using the ixo Impacts Portal software and DAO tooling to coordinate membership, govern decisions, and to transparently manage and account for the use of funds.

The inaugural community meeting of ReFi Cape Town took place on Tuesday the 13th of June, and these meet-ups will take place monthly. ย A Regenerative hackathon will be hosted by ReFi Cape Town in September, with plans for this to become a bi-annual event that generates grassroots innovations and prototypes of Web3 innovations and new models for addressing local urban challenges.

Coinstore exchange listing on 1 July

Coinstore headquartered in Singapore is the fastest-growing crypto exchange in Asia and Africa. Listing $IXO with Coinstore provides access to millions of users who will now come to learn about and interact with the Internet of Impacts.

Asia and Africa are the key markets for ixo, where we already have implemented market solutions built with the ixo software stack and have established strategic partnerships in sectors such as clean energy, water, oceans, youth employment, and education โ€“ with more to come.

To prime the Coinstore exchange spot-listing a 48-hour IEO campaign will kick off on 1st July, with maximum contributions of $3,000 per user, to enable more people to access this extremely attractive offering. The spot listing follows a few days later.


We hope that you enjoy this new briefing format and our rebrand to Impacts, as we now move into scaling the Internet of Impacts ecosystem to become a multi-chain global digital infrastructure for the Impacts Economy. Lots more to come on these themes in future updates.

๐Ÿฆ‹ The ixo team

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