Earth State Briefing #4

This week's Earth State Briefing has a thematic focus on community currencies, with technical analysis, opinions and information that will deepen your intelligence for the tokenised impact economy.

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This fourth edition of the weekly Earth State Briefing has a thematic focus on community currencies, with an expert view from Scott Morris who shares his deep understanding of community currencies, his passion for helping community's meet their needs, and what he believes is essential for building solid and sustainable local currency systems.

Community Currencies for Sustainable Prosperity
We speak to Scott Morris about how local monetary systems powered by tokenisation and crypto-economic mechanisms can achieve economic prosperity and ecological regeneration.

Providing people with the means to access community currencies and other DeFi mechanisms is mainly limited by not having easy to use apps and interfaces. There's also a distribution challenge, as most established traditional rails into the market aren't incentivised to bring non-traditional financial products and services to eat up their markets. So this week's announcement by the Opera browser company that it is integrating the ixo Internet of Impact crypto wallet natively into the Opera Mobile Browser is huge! Millions of Opera users will soon have easy access to applications, such as community currencies, thate are built on ixo and within the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

Opera to integrate Cosmos Internet of blockchains in Opera’s Web 3- and crypto enabled mobile browser - Opera Newsroom
Opera, the world’s first browser with Web 3 capabilities and a built-in crypto wallet, today announced plans to provide millions of Opera mobile users worldwide with access to the Cosmos Internet of blockchains, for sustainable and regenerative digital finance.

It's been another big milestone week for ixo with the public launch of the $IXO token on the Cosmos Gravity DEX through Emeris! Now stake-holders can transfer, swap and participate in liquidity pools with IXO and get an early stake in the Tokenised Impact Economy.

ixo (IXO) Is Now Available on Emeris Beta
Users can now transfer, swap, and participate in liquidity pools with ixo (IXO), the staking token of the “Internet of Impact.”

State of the World

The long-time dream of creating self-sovereign currencies has become a reality. Grassroots Economics was founded by Will Ruddick, who has been living in Kenya for over a decade working on community currencies, starting with paper-based solutions. According to Will, it’s happening on all levels, including companies, businesses and humanitarians; we’re entering into a pluralistic monetary system.

“There’s a lot going on behind the scenes happening from all different angles right now”
Grassroots Economics
Will talks about how people can become self-sufficient through the usage of community backed currencies.

Earth Markets

Here's the latest intelligence on the tokens and markets contributing to growth of the Tokenised Impact Economy.

Earth Tokens

"Does a token's value grow when it's exposed to a multi-network centralised exchange?" Romain Neboit answers this question in this week's analysis of the Terra network's $LUNA token.

$LUNA Technical Review
$LUNA is an exciting project developed by serious people and a lovely team. Very ambitious indeed. This one already shipped many good protocol and product evolutions, with more to come in the near future. This project also includes IBC, and these three letters are a massive part of Web 3.0!

Market Numbers

It was a turbulent week for the crypto markets as Huobi Exchange was blocked by the great firewall of China; even Coingecko was blocked! On a good note, however, Gensler from the SEC is showing support for a Bitcoin ETF. Twitter is starting to integrate NFT’s into your profile pic. El Salvador now has over 2 million people using Chivo wallet's BTC lightning network. That’s more users than any El Salvador Bank.

A third of Salvadorans ‘actively’ using Chivo wallet, President Bukele claims
Chivo adoption is growing rapidly, raising optimism that El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law is being well received by its citizens.
  • $BTC UP 0.1% for the week but climbing fast above $45,000 from lows of $41,000
  • $ETH up 1% at $3,128 and climbing from a low of $2800
  • $ATOM down 12.4% for the week but it too is recovering fast at $36.69
  • $IXO is not live but closely following ATOM down 10% at $1.08 from a launch price of $1.20
  • $OSMOSIS down 20.6% at $5.44
  • $REGEN down 19,9% at $3.79
  • $LUNA is up 2.7% at $37.44
  • $JUNO lists on 1st October - bringing smart contracts to Cosmos. Price TBD

Earth Tweet of the week

Earth News

  • Plug and drive. This week, electric vehicle manufacturers are making ripples in the industry, including Polestar - the global performance car company - that agreed to be publicly listed through a merger with Gores Guggenheim. The Swedish company is looking to build a 100% “climate-neutral” car by 2030. The company is valued at $20 billion. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio supports this innovative company, as well as Volvo.
  • Solar-powered electric vehicles speak of the future. Lightyear, an electric car maker, recently exceeded their $110 million funding milestone towards vehicles that run on the sun’s power.
On the road to clean mobility: surpassing a $110 million funding milestone
Since the beginning of 2021, we have raised over $110 million (€93 million) in investments. The funds come, among others, from Cooperation DELA, as well as private investor Joop van Caldenborgh.
  • Going Bananas! Did you know that owning a genesis CyberKongz NFT you earn 10 “BANANAs” a day? At current rates, each BANANA is $45. That means you can earn over $164 000 a year! Cyberkongz’s charity NFT was auctioned off for 69 ETH ($202,000) in support of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The NFT in question was a special Baby Kong (#1002) named Matabishi. Cyberkongz then doubled the auction earnings (138 ETH / $404,000) and sent it to the National Park.
  • The Bitcoin Volcano Project in El Salvador is building Bitcoin mining infrastructure powered by a renewable energy source.
El Salvador’s Bukele says first steps in the country’s bitcoin volcano project are underway
Video shared by Bukele shows bitcoin mining rigs being installed near a volcano, after he promised to explore it as a source of renewable power.

Earth Landing

Sarafu "does much more than move money." It's an innovative online real-time payments platform that has reshaped the communities of Kenya. The cryptocurrency made headlines earlier this year.

See the live dashboard of Sarafu transactions...

Community Inclusion Currencies Dashboard
Community Inclusion Currencies are game changing.
Communities around the world are being empowered through sovereign blockchain technologies to build sustainable and regenerative local currencies and financial inclusion.
Perspectives from Implementers of Community Currencies
Hear about SARAFU the tokenised community currency led by Grassroots Economics, which is already changing the lives of more than 50,000 users in East Africa, by growing resilient local economies with mechanisms for sustainable growth.

Earth Gatherings

A post-capitalist guide to the future: crypto-commoners only want the earth
Expository note from the author Dr. Sarah Grace Manski: As a leading blockchain scholar, P2P Foundation Fellow and author on the Technological
  • Conference on the 5th of November join the Cosmoverse community-driven conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Due to demand, this has been extended into a 2-day program, with a bunch of great activities. Earth State members wil be eligible to join an experience which is being curated by the ixo team. Get your tickets on Monday when the second batch is released, as these are in limited supply!
  • The Interchain Earth Program will be hosting a series of side-events during the Lisbon Cosmoverse conference, including an Open-Space Workshop  on Sunday afternoon 7th November. Save the date–details to follow.

Earth States-Person

Cuautemoc Weber is the Vice President of Business Development and Mobile for the Opera browser. The mobile division alone reaches a global base of 280 Million users. "Temoc" works with a hands-on attitude to make things happen and has built the crypto team at Opera, who this week announced they will be integrating a Cosmos wallet into their mobile browser, spearheaded by ixo for the Internet of Impact.

Cuautemoc talks about the Opera mobile browser and how this can create mass adoption

Earth Opportunities

Permaculture and Crypto: Green with No Envy
Activating Humanities’ Decentralized Exchange Grid
  • View the cosmos map of zones to see how the internet of Blockckchains and Internet of Impact are connecting and are set to grow through network effects enabled by inter-blockchain communication.

Earth Culture

There once was a river is an allegorical tale of money and credit, written by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. It illustrates the necessity of community currencies. Community currencies have been around for hundreds of years and we are seeing the enhancement of them today through digitised currencies.

There once was a river …An allegorical tale of money and credit
Written and narrated by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. click to see the full image There once was a river that flowed through an arid land, and though rainfall was scant and infrequent, the river provided an…

And as a special bonus this week, sing out loud to this foot-stomping tune along with the legendary Will Ruddick You can trade with anythin' you want at Emma's duka...

Earth Actions

  • Comment, discuss and up-vote Earth State posts and articles, with the built in commenting feature which went live this week.
  • Learn from Scott Morris about “Putting people and the planet before paper wealth..."
  • Listen to a highly revered tech podcast, Epicenter, where industry leaders are interviewed and the world of crypto and all things blockchain are discussed.
  • Write your content contribution to Earth State and get your voice heard, share news, and help grow our collective intelligence on the Tokenised Impact Economy.
  • To dive deeper into the legal and tax implications of NFTs and crypto, we spoke with Jacob Martin, more commonly known as “the NFT attorney”
  • Form your own opinion on why China has moved to ban crypto-currencies.
  • Get smarter about the tax implications of crypto and NFTs. The Unstoppable podcast interviews Jacob Martin who is known as “the NFT attorney

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That's a wrap for this week's Earth State Briefing! Next week we will share intelligence on zero-emissions blockchain infrastructure.

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