Cuautemoc talks about the Opera mobile browser and how this can create mass adoption

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By ixo
"I would imagine that by now, with all this technology, financial inclusion should be equal across the world, across humanity, but it is not, I promise you, it is not, I've seen it, I've lived it."

Climate change has big attention, but before you tackle climate, youve got to tackle more basic needs which is access to financial inclusion around the world. I think for the first time, technology is allowing for mass accessibility to financial inclusion that has not been possible before. Money has been around since the beginning of humanity, It's an exchange of value. Financial inclusion means a broad aspect of how people exchange value around the world and its systems that have evolved over Millennia. It's very interesting to see that technology has allowed for faster or better financial inclusion in some areas of the world.

And that's what I get a bit excited about; the potential to have equal financial inclusion for everybody, which is quite exciting to see.

Sometimes technology is very cumbersome so the user experience and the user journey is really important. Opera has a consumer focus in terms of all the millions of the users that they serve, that's an important aspect to move forward potential with this new technology.

What differentiates Opera: The innovation that it doesn't use a lot of data, which is important for loading onto phones. The Opera mobile browser does not require a lot of memory capacity on the phones as well as for the expensive data plans that people have, particularly in Africa and other developing parts of the world. So that would be one area of innovation and the other is that Opera is one of the first mobile browsers to have a built-in crypto wallet.

Now in the context of blockchain transactions, its generally slow and expensive for some chains. So a lot of the technology thats built in Opera Mini Is very heavy on the back end. That means that you're able to create a very thin client, which doesn't take a lot of memory. It doesnt take up a lot of space in terms of the device and then it's accessible to everybody because you don't have to install it, you don't have to go through Google play or Apple, its just available directly on the internet. So, those will be the kind of points that we will be looking at for better adoption of this new emerging technology.

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