Earth State Briefing #02

This second edition of the weekly Earth State Briefing has a thematic focus on decentralised autonomous organisations for Earth, with technical analysis, opinions and information that will deepen your intelligence for the tokenised impact economy.

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By ixo

The Tokenised Impact Economy is as much about new forms forms of decentralisied, cooperative organisation, as it is about decentralised sustainable regenerative finance.

"Organisations which out-cooperate the competition will be the winners in the new economy" Joe Andrieu

This week we deepen our intelligence with a focus on DAO's for sustainable prosperity and ecological regeneration. WTF is a DAO?!

Grace Rachmany –The DAO Lady– gives us a synopsis of the state of DAOs for the Earth, in anticipation of a big announcement in coming weeks (Spoiler Alert: Launch of The Earth DAO).

DAOs for Earth
The Interchain Earth Program team is initiating a program of research and development into how existing Cosmos governance technologies can be used, and to design an Earth DAO for sustainable coolaborative funding of the Earth Mission.

We interviewed Philip Silva from BrightID, who explains how nested DAOs work. He provided reflections, based on their experiences, on some of the pitfalls and benefits of decision-making using this form of decentralised organisation.

BrightID and Nested DAOs
Philip Silva from BrightID explains how nested DAOs work. Providing reflections, based on experience, of some of pitfalls and benefits of decision-making using this form of decentralised organisation.

This week Gitcoin published their Comprehensive Report, based on a survey of 422 respondents from 223 DAOs in 290 cities across the world, which describes DAOs as The new frontier in Coordination. A key insight is that DOA participants (DAO-ists) generally describe feeling levels of fulfilment, meaning, and purpose which they have not experienced in traditional organisations.

DAOs - The new frontier in Coordination - DRAFT
Ligther Bankless Logo V2 DAOs The New Coordination Frontier Comprehensive Report Curated By ( September 2021 Edition )
Joining a DAO is the best thing that happened to me. I  come from a poor background in Nigeria and this has helped lift me out of poverty –Survey participant.

The Commons Stack has big plans to move from experimenting with these novel governance mechanisms, into seriously governing the cyber-physical commons. Elinor Ostrum should be smiling.

How do we govern The Commons? Elinor Ostrum, Nobel Prize-winning Economist

Earth Questions

  • Would you give up (at least part of) your day-job, to work for a DAO?
  • What decision-control in your current job would you be prepared to delegate to a DAO?
  • Should we create a DAO for Earth State, to gain custodianship of the membership subscription fees we have raised and make decisions about how to grow this intelligence platform?

State of the World

In a recent Catalytic Conversation with Paul Kohlhaas, co-founder of VitaDAO, we hear his perspective, that DAO's have the potential to unite and empower people to become part of virtual communities which can almost instantly co-own, co-produce, and co-invest in valuable intellectual property innovations (such as pharmacutical patents) that could fundamentally change the state of humanity. Who wants to live a longer, healthier life? What breakthroughs could this mechanism discover in the process?  $VITA

Vita DAO
Paul talks about how using DAO technologies can unite and empower people.

Earth Tweet

Earth Markets

Technical Analysis of $EWT

In this week's technical analysis, Romain Neboit reviews the Energy Web Token ($EWT) and finds this has interesting fundamentals, including a finite supply, incredible market potential, and a strongly united community.

Technical Review of the Energy Web Token ($EWT)
This week’s technical analysis of the Energy Web Token ($EWT) finds this has interesting fundamentals, including a finite supply, incredible market potential, and strongly united community.

Market Numbers

  • $BTC up over 2.9% for the week at $47600
  • $ETH closely following BTC up 1.3% at $3480
  • $ATOM beats it’s all-time-high up 30% for the week at $34.83. The Cosmos ecosystem was overall up 10.4% for the week, with 54 assets, pushing the native ATOM coin into the top 20 coins by market cap.
  • $OSMOS is also reaching an all-time-high, up 32% for the week at $6.42
  • $REGEN showing strength up 14.2% at $4.20
  • $SOLANA down 24.5% for the week as the entire blockchain went down for 17 hours at $140 from a high of $213

Market Opportunities

  • Join a DAO The Commons Stack Trusted Seed makes you a member of the Token Engineering Commons DAO, which will upgrade itself to the first Cyber-Physical Commons over the next few months!
  • Stake in the Internet of Impact Hub where rewards are currently close to 200% APY whilst the network is bootstrapping its Delegated Proof of Stake security.
  • Trade $REGEN on Emeris, which is connecting cross-chain DeFi.
  • Airdrop Receive up to 1,000 $IXO for taking out a new Earth State subscription plan, if you have not already, or share the opportunity with friends. Hurry, this offer closes next week!
  • Give by sponsoring a Gitcoin Grant to fund the development of democratic public goods, using the innovative Quadratic Funding mechanism.
  • Look out for the announcement next week of the $IXO token public listing!
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Earth Actions

A Prehistory of DAOs — Mirror
This essay is the second in a Gnosis Guild series by @keikreutler bridging cryptonetworks, web3, and gaming. The first essay Inventories, Not Identities focuses on collective, composable web3 identity.
  • Participate in a live stream Catalytic Conversation about how mobile browser technology can be used to change the State of the World, with the the Opera blockchain lead, Cuautemoc Weber on Tuesday  21 September at 15:00 UTC.
  • Conference on the 5th of November: join the Cosmoverse community-driven conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Next week we will be announcing more details about this event and special offers available to Earth State members.
  • Learn about the Cosmos Internet of Blockchains in this entertaining video...

Earth Culture

Check out these cool visualisations of how Sarafu community currencies, implemented by Grassroots Economics are creating local circular economies in Kenya.

Finance for Earth

The world's first wildlife conservation bond was issued by The World Bank this year, to sustain and grow populations of endangered rhinos in Southern Africa. The rate at which this ecological asset grows in two South African nature reserves will determine the returns for investors.

World’s First Wildlife Bond to Track Rhino Numbers in Africa
A bond designed to raise funds to grow the population of endangered black rhinoceros in South Africa will be sold by the World Bank this year.

Can we scale financing and local coordination for ecological regeneration, through a tokenized impact economy? Look out for the upcoming launch of the Critical Habitat Zones platform on the Internet of Impact Launchpad!

Earth News

Young people are facing anxiety over the state of climate change. A new global survey across 10 countries, led primarily by Bath University, gathered responses from 10,000 youth aged between 16 and 25. More than half (56%) of those surveyed think humanity is doomed. Many feel abandoned, ignored, and betrayed by adults and policitians alike.

Climate change: Young people very worried - survey
Over half of respondents in a survey believe humanity is doomed and governments are failing to act.
Youth are confused by the failure of governments to act in the face of this existential crisis

🌍 For the Earth!

That's a wrap for this week's Earth State Briefing! Next week we will focus on the state of NFTs for the Earth.

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