Informal Systems

Marie talks about the current global economic system and using Blockchain Technologies for the future.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By ixo
"My current focus is on how we create new metrics of stability that allow for better local resilience and get us away from the failings of the current global economic system".

We must question what currency stability really means. Especially for local economies. The dominance of the US Dollar as a centrally-controlled global reserve currency has distorted how economies operate. "We are in an age of hyper-capitalism". It's time to rethink from where we get our sources of economic stability. We are now working on decentralized currency mechanisms which allow for autonomy and localism.

Crypto-economic mechanisms, such as tokenised bonding curves, can be used to enable self-adjusting capital controls. Blockchain technologies can increase transparency within currency networks.

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