Earth State Launch & IXO Token Drop

The Earth State Launch & IXO Token Drop targets people & organisations who believe that trusted digital technologies can be used responsibly and widely adopted, to grow a citizen-centric tokenised Impact Economy which will become a powerful force for sustainable prosperity & planetary regeneration.

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Become a stakeholder in the Internet of Impact and tokenised Impact Economy

The IXO Token Drop

At the end of August 2021, the IXO staking token will become publicly available to enable anyone to become a stakeholder in the Internet of Impact, enabling anyone to participate in building and growing the Tokenised Impact Economy.

IXO is the staking token of the ixo-Cosmos blockchain Impact Hub, a global network of zero-emission validator nodes, secured by Proof of Stake, which forms the backbone of the new Internet of Impact.

2 Steps to get your IXO Token Drop

Don't have have an Impact Wallet address? Here's how to get yours.

🦋 Why?

To grow stakeholder participation and promote access to the Internet of Impact, the genesis validators of the ixo(Impact Hub) have voted to distribute up to 5% of the IXO token supply (5 million IXO) to communities of users who are aligned with the Internet of Impact vision.

This campaign targets people and organisations who believe that trusted digital technologies can be used responsibly and widely adopted to become a powerful force for sustainable prosperity and planetary regeneration.

By offering an airdrop of IXO tokens through the networks of aligned partners, together with free membership of the new Earth State information-sharing platform, through which we will increase knowledge, promote usage, accelerate adoption of the Internet of Impact, and grow participation in the Tokenised Impact Economy.

By extending this offer to new subscribers from other networks who see the value of making a financial contribution to receive the benefits of subscribing to Earth State membership, we hope to introduce new vested stakeholders into the Cosmos ecosystem, and to further grow participation in the Tokenised Impact Economy.

Launching with Earth State

Earth State is a new member-driven knowledge sharing platform for the tokenised Impact Economy, hosted by ixo.

We expect Earth State to become the leading source of market intelligence, education, and thought-leadership on sustainable, regenerative decentralised finance, and impact verification technologies.

The Earth State Briefing is a weekly members-only newsletter, launching on 3rd September 2021, which will offer valuable insights, in-depth market analysis, high-quality research reports, education, and early access to investment opportunities in the tokenised Impact Economy.

Earth State Membership gives you the inside track on the tokenised Impact Economy, a meaningful way of participating in the Interchain Earth Mission, which is being implemented by ixo, in partnership with the Interchain Foundation and a coalition of collaborators, to build Cosmos into the leading sustainable and regenerative digital finance ecosystem.

Membership benefits include:

  • The weekly members-only Earth State Briefing newsletter.
  • Token Airdrops from projects which are aligned with the Interchain Earth Mission.
  • A unique Earth State Token (NFT) digital passport, linked to your self-sovereign digital identifier and digital credentials, giving you access to inclusive services and investment offers through the Internet of Impact.
  • Your Personal Impact Mission project, which will be hosted free on the ixo Internet of Impact Launchpad, with 12 months of private data storage in your preferred geographic region.
  • The Earth State Members private Discord channel, where you can connect with fellow members, meet Earth Mission pioneers and arrange private consultations with project leaders.
  • With more benefits and perks continually being added!

Offer to new Earth State Members.

The first 1,500 new subscribers who sign up for an Earth State Membership Plan will receive an Airdrop of up to 1,000 IXO tokens. This offer ends on 31 September 2021.

  • Annual Membership Plan subscribers receive 1,000 IXO.
  • Monthly Membership Plan subscribers receive 100 $IXO in the first month and 50 IXO for each additional month of active membership (650 IXO over 12 months).

After signing up for your new subscription plan, you will be directed to set up your ixo(Impact Hub) wallet account to receive your Airdrop.

As an IXO token-holder you will become a stakeholder in The Internet of Impact and the Tokenised Impact Economy

The Internet of Impact

The  ixo-Cosmos blockchain Internet of Impact will provide the Internet-scale digital financing and data infrastructure, which is urgently needed to optimally sense and respond to the changing social, environmental, and economic state of the world and to mitigate impacts of the climate crisis.

This new Internet is stateful, graph-based, programmable, trusted and zero-emission. It implements the ixo Protocol, which defines a new open standard for producing verifiable claims about changes in the state of the world, which are the basis for impact creators to mint non-fungible (NFT) Impact Tokens.

The Impact Hub provides the backbone for the Internet of Impact and will interconnect autonomous Impact Zone networks through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and route via the Cosmos Hub into the broader universe of blockchain networks and the Cosmos Gravity DEX.

Through these interconnected networks, blockchain application developers and users everywhere will gain access to networked marketplaces of services, capital, verified data for sustainability and ecological regeneration, and decentralised impact exchanges, through which to generate sustainable capital flows.

Tokenised Impact Markets are being built on the ixo Internet of Impact

Since early 2020, leading organisations across all geographic regions and impact sectors have already been building impact marketplace platforms on ixo test-nets. These market platforms will connect global and local networks of capital, investors, project implementers, oracle service providers, and impact agents.

Users of these platforms will get much better market access, tools and applications, to programme capital through sustainable and regenerative DeFi mechanisms, make verifiable claims which are backed by high-quality data, and produce verifiable outcome states, which can be tokenised as non-fungible Impact Tokens, to be traded through decentralised impact exchanges.

As a flagship example, the Impact Data Consortium Chain market relayer, supported by a grant from the government of Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, is providing technical assistance and capacity-building to onboard 500 social-purpose organisations that will use the ixo-Cosmos blockchain and software applications to track and report on their impacts. A community currency pilot, supported by the Interchain Foundation, will digitize local time-bank cooperatives and initiate the path towards sustainable and regenerative DeFi in Asia.

Together with a leading financial institution, The ixo Foundation is piloting Alphabonds for results-based financing of primary education in India, using remote learning technology which integrates with the blockchain.

In Africa, ixo will be used as the platform for financing, incentivizing, and verifying skills development and connect millions of youth to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, with a focus on the green economy.

🦋 Bonus IXO offer

You may wish to purchase additional IXO tokens at 10% discount on the publicly traded price directly from for a minimum purchase value of $1,000, paid in USDC. This requires creating an account with KYC verification.

Trade your IXO

Launching in the first week of September, you will find an IXO:ATOM pool on the Cosmos Gravity DEX, available through Emeris.

Delegate your IXO

After you have received your IXO airdrop, you can choose to delegate your tokens to validator nodes in the Internet of Impact Hub and receive staking rewards (initially around 35% per annum).

Stake your IXO to vote

Starting in September, when the Intenet of Impact Launchpad goes live, IXO token-holders will have the opportunity to vote for Launchpad candidates.

The Launchpad will feature candidate Market Relayers who are building impact economy platforms on the Internet of Impact.

Voting Rewards

During each voting epoch, token-holders will have the opportinity to vote for the candidates of their choice, by staking IXO tokens. If a candidate is selected, voters will receive up to 20% bonus yield of IXO tokens. The earlier you vote, the greater the reward!

Look out for the launchpad announcement in an upcoming Earth State email newsletter.

Join the Launchpad

If your are interested to find out more about joining the Internet of Impact Launchpad as a Market Relayer, Oracle service provider, Investment Portfolio Manager, application developer, or other solution-provider, please complete this onboarding form.

Incentives for sharing

Invite your friends and followers to join Earth State and when any of your referrals sign-up for a paid membership plan, you will receive 10% of their contribution as a referral reward, paid in IXO Tokens.

Remember that up to the end of September 2021, if your friends and followers are amongst the first 1,500 new subscribing members, they will be eligible to receive a token airdrop from of up to 1,000 IXO!

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