Reporting on the Internet of Impacts

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2023 Clean Cooking Industry Snapshot

The state of Clean Cooking in 2023 is well described in a report published by the Clean Cooking Alliance. This 2023 Snapshot identifies that investment exceeded the $200 million mark and revenue surpassed $100 million — both for the first time.

By ixo
4 months ago

Much more than halfway

Here are some key mid-year updates from the ixo team, as we reach the halfway mark of 2023, with great momentum and regenerative energy!

By ixo
9 months ago

Impact DAO-ism

The big ideas and practical implementations of ImpactDAOs that are developing new patterns for scaling human and capital coordination.

By Ale Borda
a year ago

JAMBO - Hello Earth

JAMBO is a developer framework by ixo for easily building mobile web decentralised applications that can be deployed immediately to millions of users through the JAMBO Explorer in the Opera Mobile Browser crypto wallet.

By Dr Shaun Conway
a year ago

ixo + Scalnyx Prediction Oracles

Scalnyx has joined the Internet of Impact Launchpad program to develop a framework for AI Prediction Oracles that will make proofing of Impact and digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) of Impact Claims more accurate, cheaper, faster, and scalable.

By ixo
a year ago