Holding Space with Kevin Owocki

An easy pill to swallow – get inspired by this half-hour Earth State Space free-flowing conversation with Gitcoin founder and Green Pilled author Kevin Owocki.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By ixo

In this weekly Earth State Space on Twitter we talked with Kevin Owocki about...

  • Optimism for ReFi.
  • Generation Alpha - we are doing this for our children.
  • How Impact DAOs could solve human coordination failures.
  • The Impact DAO Cartography.
  • Evolving crypto-economic systems to benefit humanity.
  • Privilege and philanthropy – now everyone can work towards the common good.
Kevin Owocki TS

Also check out this recent Earth State article based on a more in-depth interview with Kevin about his book, what inspires him, and his hopes for regenerative crypto-economics.

From coordination failure to a regenerative future
We speak to Kevin Owocki the founder of Gitcoin, thought-leader and author of GreenPilled, about his recently published book on regenerative crypto-economic systems, and the potential to overcome coordination failures.

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