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Contribute an article, news update, or briefing to the Earth State Newsletter and Members Briefing

Are you ready to share your knowledge, ideas and stories about the technologies and people who are changing the state of the world, sustainable and regenerative DeFi, or the tokenised Impact Economy?

We are gathering written submissions from everyone who wants to contrinute to  the Earth State Briefing and social media channels.

All contributions are welcome, whether you are a professional writer, or want to provide a news update!!

Using this form to make your submission. See the guidelines which follow, for different format options. All contributions will be acknowledged and we offer some great incentives for valuable content, described below.

Content Submission Form - Airtable
Fill out the “Content Submission Form” form quickly and securely on Airtable.

Your writing remains your property and copyright is respected.

Our editorial team will get in touch with you to get your consent for any proposed content changes or copy edits, and we will let you know when your content is scheduled to be published.

Content Submission Guideline

Only submit content that you would personally want to read!

  1. Educational, rather than promotional content (no sales pitches)
  2. Must be your original work
  3. Submit topics (with as much additional information as possible) if you have an idea or proposal for a story which would benefit from further writing or research support, which you don't feel you can personally contribute.
  4. Your submission is not a guarantee your article will be published. We receive many contributions, but few are published. Our role as curators is to find the best possible articles to match the needs of our readers
  5. Sometimes submissions don't fit the format or thematic focus of this publication.  We can't always match your contriutions to our content schedule. You can always publish elsewhere. No hard feelings!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Earth State or ixo have exclusive rights to my writing?

We ask for 2 weeks of exclusivity following the publication date. After this, you are free to share your work wherever you like.

How many articles will you take from the same author?

No limit—we love having repeat authors!

What is the timeline from draft submitted to posted?

Ideally within a month of the submission. But it depends on the content schedule & how it fits.

Will you work with me if my draft doesn’t quite fit but is close?

Yes, but only for limited cases.

What format do you prefer for submissions (PDF, WORD, etc.)?

Google Doc with comments turned on.

Should I add my formatting (H1s, H2s, italization, ect.) before submitting?

Basic formatting is all you need—we’ll take care of the rest!

Thanks for your contribution!

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