Earth State Briefing #5

This fifth edition of the weekly Earth State Briefing has a thematic focus on zero-emissions blockchain networks with technical analysis, opinions and information that will deepen your intelligence for the tokenised impact economy.

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By ixo

This week we deepen our intelligence on the energy it takes to power the blockchain infrastructures which we believe are so essential for changing the state of the world. What can we do so this does not have to cost the earth?

By some calculations, it takes on average 1,544 kWh to power one Bitcoin transaction. That's the equivalent of approximately 53 days of energy for the average US household. With the crackdown by the Chinese government on Bitcoin Mining, we saw pictures of heaps of mining rigs being scrapped, which probably would have become electronic waste anyway within a couple of years, as miners frequently replace their equipment to remain competitive

China Says Bitcoin Is Wasteful. Now It Wants to Ban Mining
China is home to more cryptocurrency mining operations than any other country. Now the government wants to eliminate them.
Now old news. So where did all the servers get dumped?

How can we reduce the costs to the earth of the blockchain technologies we are relying on to change the world? The Interchain Earth Program is initiating a collaboration with leading Cosmos projects and validators to work on innovative technology and economic solutions to this challenge, which is described in a 1-page position paper by Benjamin Simatos from the ixo team.

Zero Emission Blockchain
The Interchain Earth Program is tackling the carbon and e-waste costs of blockchain infrastructure with collaborations to innovate the protocols, code, hardware, and economic mechanisms which will result in verifiably zero-emissions blockchain infrastructure.

BlockApps recently launched TraceCarbon which is a net-zero blockchain network for emissions compliance. TraceCarbon leverages the BlockApps STRATO blockchain platform for sustainability tracking and corporate reporting.


State of the World

In a catalytic conversation with Jeffrey Hu from IRISnet, we talked about his view on the climate crisis and how IRISnet is is working towards increasing the accuracy and transparency of carbon emission reduction claims and trading of carbon assets, in enterprise contexts.

IRIS Network
Jeffrey talks about the current state of the worlds environmental & climate crises along with IRIS Networks partnership with ixo.

Earth Markets

Here's the latest intelligence on the tokens and markets which are contributing to the growth of the Tokenised Impact Economy.

Earth Tokens

For our weekly review, Romain Neboit analyses the $AKASH network token and explores the question: "How do you value a token?".

$AKT Technical Review
$AKT builds another important part of the Web3.0 story of decentralizing the cloud and creating open peer-to-peer markets. This could be a serious challenger to the entrenched oligopoly in the lucrative cloud services market.

Market numbers this week

  • BTC Rocketing UP 26.2% for the week at $55349
  • ETH up 20.3% at $3626.71
  • ATOM down 0.8% for the week
  • IXO following ATOM down 3.6% at $1.04
  • OSMO down 3.6% for the week at $5.44
  • REGEN down 0.5% for the week at $3.71
  • LUNA up 19.7% for the week at $45.95
  • ROWAN (Sifchain) up 70.7% for the week at $0.47

Market opportunities

There are tons of opportunities at the moment as we move into a “crypto season” with all the significant ecosystem events happening over the next quarter. Many projects are using these to market their projects, and with it comes some lucrative airdrops and some crazy returns in liquidity pools.

Airdrops include:

  • Evmos (previously Ethermint) - Atom stakeholder, future snapshot, date TBA
    Persistence IRIS Stake drop
  • Koala Network - Stakedrop for ATOM Stakers. [Date TBA]
  • $GAME Airdrop for Atom Stakers, distribution in November
  • Bitsong 10.000.000 $BTSG will be distributed to ATOM stakers based on a new snapshot
  • Chihuahua $HUAHUA memecoin multi-chain airdrop through the Cosmos hub and Osmosis [Date TBA]
  • CosmoStarter $CSMS - Launchpad, airdrop for ATOM stakers [Date TBA]
    $PSTAKE airdrop for XPRT and ATOM holders/stakers, Snapshot on 2nd September.
  • Shade Protocol will have an airdrop for both Secret Network and ATOM stakers. Details and Snapshot
  • Sentinel will be conducing a custom airdrop for $DVPN & $ATOM.

Earn with Sifchain. This is the world’s first omni-chain DEX built on Cosmos and trading under the token $ROWAN, which enables tokens on Cosmos to be swapped for a growing cross-chain list of assets, including ERC20 stable tokens such as $USDC and $DAI. This month they are running a special incentivised pool promotion for the newly launched coin $JUNO where you can earn an APR of well over 1,000% with no-lock up periods. Next-up $IXO.

Earth Tweet of the week

Earth News

  • Fancy some Bitcoin Tikka? Ethereum Butter Chicken? Customers can now pay for their meal in Bitcoin at this restaurant in Delhi which launched its Digital Thali last week, with dishes named after cryptocurrencies.
  • CrypToadz making a splash! Sales surge and Ethereum NFT market - OpenSea - hits its best day in a month.
Ethereum NFT Market OpenSea Hits Best Day in a Month as CrypToadz Sales Surge - Decrypt
After a quieter September, Ethereum NFT trading volume on OpenSea is rising again—and the hottest new project is pixel toad profile pictures.
  • Bitcoin blasts past Facebook, making a remarkable recovery, returning above $50,000 this week for the first time since early September, following a market-wide resurgence.
  • Facebook brought to its knees during one of its worst outages of the past decade demonstrating the fragility of centralised Internet infrastructures. Stocks fell and humanity got disconnected (though some people were grateful for the break).
Facebook stock falls as global outage continues – TechCrunch
Facebook’s stock took a dive Monday as the site suffered one of its worst outages of the past decade with services across its entire suite of products going offline while the tech company struggled to even bring its own internal services back online. The stock ended the day down nearly 5%, wi…

Earth Landing

  • Green DeFi. Brokoli makes "positive climate impact a part of every transaction at no extra cost for the user." Check out their 'green'paper for more information on how they operate and what their exact goals are for the future.
  • "E-waste is referred to as the world's fastest-growing solid waste stream. Since 2000, e-waste amounts have grown from 20 million to 50 million tonnes per year." The numbers are not the only story, however. It illustrates how industries and businesses conduct themselves, and that's where the change will need to occur to reverse these staggering numbers. But there is hope! We just need to jump on board.
With E-waste Predicted to Double by 2050, Business as Usual Is Not an Option - United Nations University
A new report by the UNU-hosted Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) Initiative, published together with UN Environment, highlights future e-waste scenarios and potential solutions.
  • Go Google! The mammoth company has some staggering goals when it comes to combating climate change. What can we take from this and will it effecively make us all a bit greener in our search for answers? Google it!
Our Commitments | Google Sustainability
Google begins its third - and most ambitious - decade of climate action. These commitments help everyone move towards a carbon-free future.

Earth Gatherings

  • Bringing together the leading voices in crypto Token2049 is underway! "It's time to reunite" at the premier crypto event.
TOKEN2049 | The Premier Crypto Event
TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event. Join us to explore cryptoassets and blockchain-based tokens as they reshape the global economy.
  • #TheNewCommonSense in Berlin happens in November. In-person (pandemic-permitting) and virtual options available.
  • Cosmos Conference on the 5-6th of November! Join the Cosmoverse community-driven conference in Lisbon, Portugal for a full 2-day program, with a number of great activities. Earth State members will be invited to join an experience curated by the ixo team. Look out for your invitation! The second batch of tickets were released this Monday. There's limited supply. Did you grab yours?
  • Interchain Earth Mission Open-Space Collabathon is a 4-hour open-space workshop where you get to set the agenda and meet with the Interchain Earth Program team and collaborators. You will share ideas and learn about how Interchain and Cosmos technologies can empower people everywhere with digital technologies for creating sustainable economies that enable communities to prosper, regenerate the planet, and respond to the climate crisis. Venue TBC Lisbon Sunday 7th November 2021 14:00-18:00 CET.

Earth States-Persons

Validators are the unsung heroes of proof of stake networks and form the foundation of security, governance, and uptime of Regen Ledger - Regen Network.

This week we spoke with 3 validators in the ixo Impact Hub network about how they are working towards zero carbon emission infrastructure hosting and we found these people to be passionate about going green in all aspects of their lives.

Green Validators
We spoke to some of the validators in the ixo Internet of Impact Hub to hear about how they are running green infrastructure. A theme we picked up is how many of the people behind these green machines are also committed to being more green in all aspects of their work and personal lives!

Earth Offers (members)

  • What swag would you like? Follow this link to complete the survey and pick yours up at Cosmoverse in Lisbon next month.

Earth Culture

  • The Big Apple hosts a crypto party. Brock Colyar takes readers through a play-by-play journey of what a modern-day crypto party looks like in New York.
Blockchain Bros and Crypto Socialites Came to Party
“It’s like Pretty Woman meets The Great Gatsby, but with crypto.”

Earth Actions

  • Learn about energy efficient website designs. Does it even exist? And if so, how does it work?
Energy efficient website design
Can you create energy efficient websites? We discuss the possibilities and if indeed it’s actually worthwhile trying to make a website energy efficient.
  • Listen To Mariano Conti discuss how the pandemic shaped crypto’s narrative
Mariano Conti | Layer Zero
Exploring the Human Side of Ethereum
  • View what Anna-Marie Swan writes on How Elinor Ostrom and Web3 Technologies are Key Parts of the Commons Stack. She goes into the heart of the creation era, and discussed the importance of Web3.0 as well.
Commons: The Heart of The Creation Era
How Elinor Ostrom and Web3 technologies are the key to Commons Stack’s work

🌍 For the Earth!

That's a wrap for this week's Earth State Briefing! Next week we will share intelligence on Tokenised Carbon Markets.

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