Earth State Briefing #12

This first issue of the Earth State Briefing in 2022 asks the question if this will be the year that the world realises a new (Tokenised) Earth Economy is being born? As we continue deepen our intelligence on all things ReFi, and explore emerging market opportunities.

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By ixo
Welcome to 2030 – the beginning of a new decade. The State of Earth has Changed. A powerful and diverse social movement has succeeded in redesigning the rules, practices, narratives and power relationships of the broken economic system we were born into. The world is now a place in which all people and the health of our planet are valued, and are at the heart of our economic systems. Through a sustained, collective effort, we the people have shifted the destructive, inequitable Musk-Bezoz-Zuck's era market economy, into a new economy that uses markets to serve the common good, and we have fundamentally changed the meaning of money.

Okay, so we’re not there yet. So in this first edition of the Earth State Briefing for the year 2022, as we ask...

Will 2022 be the year that the world realises a new (Tokenised) Earth Economy is being born? – wen Tokenised Earth Economy?

Let's start by asking what is a Tokenised Earth Economy, and what could the future of this new economy look like? First through the lens of the New Capitalism Project.

What will the Tokenised Earth Economy look like?
Let’s add our diverse ‘crypto’ community’s voice to the narrative of the Future of Capitalism, by proposing what a Tokenised Earth Economy could look like. We will gather this Earth State intelligence to share in future editions of the Earth State Briefing

We invite you to add your voice to this emerging narrative, by proposing what a Tokenised Earth Economy could look like. We'll gather this as Earth State Intelligence to share these proposals in future editions of the Earth State Briefing.

Uploaded to Instagram by Greta Thunberg (1992). Picture by René Cattin 

DrCrypto added this early draft outline, to stimulate discussion and debate that can help us to collaboratively build the narratives, protocols, systems, practices, and our beliefs about the potential of tokenising and valuing positive Earth State changes as the basis for an economic sytem that is inherently sustainable and that brings about ecological regeneration at the scale that is needed, before it is too late. This includes a TL;dr on What is an Economy, that you really should read, and introduces the term Earth Currencies.

The Tokenised Earth Economy
A first draft outline thinking through what we mean by the concept of a Tokenised Earth Economy. Inviting discussion and feedback.

For the Crypto-skeptics, we have a summary of Ethan Buchman's recent tweet thread critique on the purpose of cryptocurrencies and money.

A Critique of Cryptocurrencies and Money
It’s about sustainable public goods. About sovereignty and interoperability. About the self-sufficiency of communities. It’s about transparency and accessibility of the basic architecture of the monetary and financial system.

Earth State Markets

Here's the latest intelligence we have gathered on tokens and markets in the fast-growing Tokenised Earth Economy.

💲State of the Markets

It’s been an interesting start to the new year, to say the least. Beginning with the gloomy news from of the U.S. Fed's hawkish stance that signals the end of a cheap capital. 2022 could see  aggressive interest rate hikes to stem the inflationary growth of a debt-burdened economy. The markets responded with a hefty sell-off, especially impacting on the tech-related stocks of the speculative boom, with crypto falling into this category. Bitcoin took another dive, from $48k to $41k!

U.S. inflation numbers came in at 7%, which is exactly what the market had priced in, giving aggressive interest rate hikes a brake for now. As has become the pattern, this positive news produced a crypto pump that put a lot of bears back in the woods. Market interest on crypto exchanges is at an all-time high; prices have not gone low enough for bears to exercise their shorts, and they are starting to feel the pain. The Bitcoin hash rate is at an all-time high, recovering from the Chinese ban on mining last year, that just shifted mining activity to other locations.

Analysts are predicting a short squeeze that could lead to a sharp price jump in the crypto markets. Look out for green signals over the coming week!

Crypto adoption continues to rise, regardless of price signals. The Fed's Jerome Powell suggested stablecoins could co-exist with a central bank digital currency.

We have entered the era of crypto billionaires. Founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), is now the 11th richest person in the world with $96 Billion in his piggy-bank – excluding any crypto in his wallets!

Coinmarketcap has become the second most popular finance website globally.

📈Reference Markets over the past week


The OG of cryptos


$42 700

The crypto that began it all has been seeing a massive drop, and dip buyers are few and far between.


The king of Alts



The crypto that saw a very turbulent start this year has finally found support on the $3,000 level. A big year for ETH as it transitions to proof-of-stake probably in June.


Interoperable Blockchain Chain



ATOM has a big year ahead as well with liquid staking imminent. This will be a huge leap for DeFi and governance in Cosmos. ATOM is up 75% over the past 30 days!


Yield Farming on cosmos



Osmosis is now 60th by market cap rank with more than a billion dollars in TVL. Liquid staking from Osmosis is going to be massive for Cosmos.




The site recently launched an NFT marketplace


The DeFi chain of IBC



KAVA mainet goes live in under a week! Price action is showing it already.


Smart-contracts on IBC



JUNO is a lot bigger than expected. It’s now 158th by market cap. It’s FDV would be close to $3 billion!

📊Impact Markets over the past week


Ecological State Ledger



Soon enough, every protocol built on Cosmos will be able to offset their carbon footprint (and even go carbon negative) through the Interchain Foundation Earth Program’s ZERO Commitment campaign, led by, ixo World and Regen Network. Cryptocito has picked $REGEN as one of his top picks for web 3.0 with the sustainability narrative exploding.


Internet of Impact



The Launchpad for Impact DAOs and Oracles goes live in the coming weeks, to launch tokenised Impact Marketplaces across the world in all Sustainable Development Goals sectors.


Private smart contracts



Secret Network hosts Secret Spaces every Tuesday at 6pm UTC, with this week’s conversation on cross-chain NFT’s. You can also request a topic or guest for an upcoming week. Listen to this week’s space here


Low-cost and eco-friendly



Head over to and have a look at the farming yields! The NFT market space on AVAX is also heating up.

📉DAO Shares over the past week

The down market seems to have hit rebase tokens particularly hard, as most have declined by more than 50% over the past month. Building treasuries with tokenised assets is a long-term play!

ℹ️ Remember that DAO’s with a rebase mechanism should be valued on their treasuries, and market cap increases are a more important metric than token prices, as high yields try to outpace price fluctuations.


Carbon Credits as its treasury



APY 27000%

Carbon Markets are roaring at the moment for crypto traders. It’s a hot topic, illustrated by the Wall Street Journal, and KlimaDAO has been one of the leaders on the forefront of this movement. 

Olympus DAO

The largest DAO built on Ethereum



APY 3830% 

Just announced the release of V2 bonds coming to their dApp alongside two major upgrades: auto-staking and flexible vesting. 





APY 80,282%

Time has been selling $TIME from it’s DAO treasury to increase its APR and has accumulated more than a billion dollars.




Continuing to innovate on Ethereum, this DAO has introduced gasless voting to do away with transaction fees, with proposals for funding Longevity Research going live soon on Snapshot. 

Ocean Protocol DAO

Ocean Protocol 



Sovereign Nature Initiative’s Winter 2022 Hackathon is coming up on Feb 4-6. Ocean Protocol DAO’s co-founder, Trent McConaghy, will be one of the jury members assessing submitted project ideas. The prize is 10K OCEAN.

Earth Fund DAO




$1EARTH had a major spike this week after its Kucoin listing. It rocketed 218% on the day! 

Popcorn DAO



Popcorn is now a proud member of OlympusDAO in the Olympus Give program! Cohort 1 projects address social impact, poverty, alleviation, regenerative economics, open-source web initiatives, and NGO endowments.

👾Earth NFT of the Week

100,000,000 Mangroves is a collaborative NFT Series between Regenerative Resources (RRC), Regen Network, Chainlink, and Elevenyellow to grow 100 million mangroves. Although the series will be emitting ~120 tonnes of carbon, it is expected to sequester 20,000,000 tonnes of carbon over 25 years.

The NFTs are short films gifted by artists Saiful Haque, Filippo Nesci and Jan Urschel. Dynamic NFTs aren't easy to create, making this a mammoth initiative, but one that holds a lot of promise of making a massive real-world impact.

Announcing: 100 Million Mangroves via Dynamic, Chainlinked NFTs
The dominant narrative today is that we are inherently bad for the Earth. While we certainly are the cause of world wide environmental…

🌱 Market Growth Signals

There has been a explosion over recent months of ReFi projects for Climate. Check out the interactive map from Kumu Project and we will continue reporting on these developments in upcoming editions of the Earth State Briefing.

Web3 Climate Map
A Kumu Project.

🌕 Market Opportunities

  • Get your Airdrops: As new projects are launching almost daily in Cosmos, this has become a pattern for building stakeholder communities that has network effects in growing the Internet of Blockchains economy. Your best position to qualify is stake at least 5 ATOM, 20 OSMO and 20 JUNO. This may be the alpha move of the year!
  • Drop your Fees: Did you spend a lot of gas on metamask? has conducted an airdrop to try to compensate people for failed transactions. Don't forget to visit The Open DAO – if you’ve purchased NFT’s on Opensea you would have qualified for their airdrop. Check the gas fees first; it might be more than your drop!
  • Earn & Stake: Lido is about to enable bAtom as collateral on the Terra Network's Anchor protocol. This is the start of liquid staking. Use your bAtom to borrow UST and earn.
  • Farm! This is one for the degens. Did you know you can earn 57.88% on a stablecoin on Cosmos? Supply USDX on Kava, boost your reward by borrowing USDX with the collateral you supplied at only 0.77% borrowing rates and buy BUSD and earn 13.22% on that!
  • Trade $FTM and stake it in one of the top 20 Fantom protocols using your Metamask and you’ll qualify for an airdrop from a project built by Andre Cronje – a South African tokenomics expert. Some call him a magician!

⭐️Token Analysis

$ATOM and the Cosmos ecosystem are a great place to build your crypto portfolio, with a strong focus on sustainability and regeneration. This vibrant ecosystem is growing fast and the outlook on $ATOM is bullish.

$ATOM Technical Review
$ATOM and the Cosmos ecosystem are a great place to build your crypto portfolio, with a strong focus on sustainability and regeneration. This vibrant ecosystem is growing fast and the outlook on $ATOM is bullish.

Earth State Technologies

  • A data lake improving the state of wetlands in India. Lake Sembakkam, in Chennai India, is a degraded wetland riddled with pollution and poor water quality. A purpose-driven project uses technology, including AI and remote sensing, is working to improve the lake's water quality.
How IoT, AI, remote sensing, and geospatial analytics could help save one of India’s most polluted lakes - AI for Good
The effects of climate change and rapid urbanization around the world degrade the natural world, including wetlands and the wildlife that benefits from them. These factors also threaten the sustainable development of surrounding communities. Lake Sembakkam, in Chennai, India is...
  • Sustainable Data from Carbon. LanzaTech produces sustainable fuels and materials such as textile, rubber and packaging and LanzaJet is the company’s sustainable aviation fuel business that is planning to open a production facility in Georgia next year. This woman-led company has already raised more than $550 million. Unilever makes detergent products using this carbon capture technology. And now Microsoft has invested $50 million to fuel sustainable datacenters.
Microsoft invests $50 million in LanzaJet for sustainable datacenter fuel | ZDNet
Microsoft is investing in sustainable-fuels company LanzaJet, which is building an alcohol-to-jet sustainable fuel production plant.

Earth State Change

  • From Billions to Millions. Cardano ($ADA) has reached its initial goal of planting one million trees across Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Senegal and Haiti, all recorded on the Cardano blockchain. This was the first Cardano Global Impact Challenge for the Cardano Ecosystem and “truly shows the power of our community.” - Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation.
$ADA: Cardano Foundation Reaches Goal of Planting 1 Million Trees — All Recorded on Blockchain
A reforestation effort launched by Cardano ($ADA) has reached its initial goal of planting one million trees “of different species native to areas across different parts of Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Senegal and Haiti.”

Earth States-Person

We pay homage to the great E.F. ("Fritz") Schumacher, who's pioneering book Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as If People Mattered, published in the 70's, laid the foundations for new economic thinking. According to The Times Literary Supplement, this is among the 100 most influential books published since World War II. He is equally known for his critique of the growth model of Western economies and his influential proposals for human-scale, decentralised and appropriately scaled technologies.

His philosophies of scaling locally are at the heart of the Interchain Foundation's Earth Program work on developing sovereign blockchain technologies for decentralised, tokenised local currency systems.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. – E.F. Schumacher

Read more about how the The term “local currencies” is defined by the Schumacher Center for a New Economics local currency program as place-based monetary tools for regional communities to issue their own money for financing local production and to build sustainable local economies, to create a regenerative global economy.

Local Currency Models - Schumacher Center for New Economics
The Schumacher Center for a New Economics employs the term “local currencies” to refer to place-based monetary tools for building sustainable local economies. Other terms that have arisen include “complementary currencies,” “community currencies,” and sometimes “alternative currencies.” These local…

Earth Tweet of the Week

Earth News

  • Reverse-engineering. A man in San Francisco has found an inventive way of mining cryptocurrencies by hooking up graphic processing units directly to his 2018 Tesla Model 3 car battery. Even though it risks his car’s warranty, Siraj Raval says it’s worth it.
This Tesla owner says he mines up to $800 a month in cryptocurrency with his car
Tesla owners speak to CNBC about how they’ve used the internal computer and battery power of the car to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • Good Token Yields. Criticised as being a protocol that delivers high yields from DeFi greedm, Olympus DAO introduced ‘Olympus Give’ late last year and is working with partners such as Gitcoin, Angel Protocol, Impact Market, Kolektivo and Popcorn to enable $OHM stakers to redirect their yields to pre-selected Olympus Give causes, or to any wallet of their choosing.
“This will be crucially important for the long term health and growth of our community.” - OlympusDAO
Introducing Olympus Give
Redirecting Yield for Good
  • The Black Hole for Carbon. KlimaDAO has further increased its treasury holdings of carbon credits by 50% in just two months, accruing over 14 million on-chain carbon offsets and causing gravitational waves in traditional carbon markets.
KlimaDAO increases carbon offset stash by 50% in two months
The KlimaDAO carbon offset accumulator has nabbed 14 million offsets by increasing spending and discounts, and a new type of offset.
  • The Gravity of the booming crypto carbon offsets market is drawing in DeFi entrepreneurs and big investors, such as Mark Cuban.
A market for crypto carbon offsets is reportedly booming, and its drawing DeFi entrepreneurs and big investors like Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban told the WSJ he owns Klima tokens, a new crypto asset whose DAO is focused on climate activism.

Earth Actions

  • Consider what it means for ESG investment to meet DeFi. Michael Kisselgof, co-founder of PopcornDAO, describes this as "The next Trillion Dollar Asset Class".
ESG DeFi, the next Trillion Dollar Asset Class » The Merkle News
We’ve witnessed an avalanche of investment into crypto over the last two years thanks to the introduction of DeFi. Despite lingering high energy consumption and negative environmental impact narratives that aren’t necessarily untrue, $ millions have continued to pour into what seems like a never-end…
  • Journey through the “relentless 2021 news cycle”, all put into one chart by Axios.
The relentless 2021 news cycle in one chart
Biden is president. The themes have changed. But America’s short attention spans continue.
  • Read The Chainalysis 2021 NFT Market Report which presents Everything You Need to Know About the NFT Market and Its Most Successful Collectors
  • Subscribe to get early access to a new podcast that is launching to showcase the emergence of the regenerative finance movement - “where crypto and climate action meet.” jE (CryptoXClimate), a ReFi Evangelist, and a few friends are the creators of this podcast, and they have guests lined up that include Rune Christensen from MakerDAO, Xerxes from EdenDAO, Sep Kamvar from Celo and many more! You can also contribute to this podcast by visiting its grant application on Gitcoin.
ReFi Podcast | Season One | Product Hunt
ReFi Podcast | Season One - Growing the regenerative ecosystem in DeFi on Product Hunt

🌍 For the Earth!

We predict that 2022 is going to be the year of ReFi and the Tokenised Earth Economy. The Earth State Intelligence platform will be your leading source of information about this new economy, and the opportunities this will create for you grow your stake!

Not financial or tax advice. This article is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. For tax advice talk to your accountant. Do your own research.

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