Earth State Markets 19/11/21

This first edition of the weekly Earth State Markets newsletter provides a synopsis of what's moving in the Tokenised Impact Economy.

3 years ago   •   4 min read

By ixo

This week we bring you the first Earth State Markets newsletter, for which we have great plans make this your weekly nugget of intelligence that keeps you in the know about what's moving in the Tokenised Impact Economy.

We look at the crypto markets in general, as these give us a sense of how the economic state of the world is shifting, and of how quickly the broader token economy is growing. Then we provide prices and key updates for a curated list of tokens that we believe are growing the Tokenised Impact Economy.

Going forward, our in-depth Earth State Briefing will be published fortnightly, and in the next edition we will deepen our intelligence on Financing Earth State-Changes with ReFi.

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