ReFi Launchpads

We are starting to gather intelligence about ImpactDAO and ReFi Launchpads, which offer a fully decentralised way of accelerating the path to success for impact-focused startups and marketplace ecosystems.

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By Mathilda de Villiers

We are likely to see strong growth in the ReFi ecosystem, and the launch of many more ImpactDAOs.

Growth of the ReFi and ImpactDAO ecosystem will be further driven by DAOs that are helping to launch other DAOs, as well as DAO-DAO venture deals and joint initiatives.

Notable examples are the Impact DAO marketplace launchpad and deal platforms that are being developed by ixo, PrimeDAO and Celo.

The Internet of Impact Launchpad

The ixo Launchpad offers Impact DAOs a platform to pitch and fund their ecosystem vision, define value propositions, establish partnerships – including through DAO-DAO deals, and use Web3 technologies to build their sustainable impact marketplaces and grow sustainable tokenised impact economies, at an Internet scale.

The first cohort of Impact DAOs is already creating marketplaces across a diverse range of impact sectors and geographic territories, for primary education, creating jobs in the green economy, conserving critical habitats, regenerative agroforestry, strengthening social services delivery and many more in the pipeline.

ImpactDAOs build their own marketplaces on the Internet of Impact, using the open-source ixo software stack and tooling, which includes:

  • The Impact Marketplace Platform, an open-source web application platform (like WordPress for the Web3 Internet of Impact) for hosting and connecting:
  • DAOs with governance and treasury management.
  • Projects with verifiable claims, agent management and payments processing.
  • Investment portfolios of AlphaBonds.
  • Oracles for claims verification and other prediction functions
  • Assets and exchanging Impact Tokens.
  • A Decentralised Impact Exchange built into each marketplace.
  • The Impact Wallet for iOS and Android.
  • Opera Mobile Wallet integration, to reach millions of users, and EarthPort developer portal for building light-wight mobile web applications that can be rapidly prototyped and easily scaled.

For a detailed synopsis of how the ixo launchpad works and how you can get involved, read this article.

PrimeDAO Launch, with Celo

PrimeDAO Launch squad is partnering with the Celo community to onboard DAOs into a friendly, cooperative, and regenerative ecosystem.

They will work together with service DAOs and assemble teams that can help new projects with go-to-market support, tokenomics, fair launch, and price discovery. Together these partners will be actively stewarding projects in the Celo ecosystem, from idea stage to launch and beyond, to ensure their long-term success.


Senken is developing a launchpad that pools climate-driven investments and provides upfront funding for early-stage carbon removal projects through a collaborative ecosystem with leading web3 for Climate and ReFi players.

“Reaching a 1.5 pathway and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 will be critical to avoiding a climate catastrophe. Establishing a low-carbon economy is a key task for our society, as is building scalable infrastructure and impactful services to support this transformation.”
Carbon Credits - Buy, sell and fund valuable carbon credits
We provide a gateway between increasing voluntary climate pledges/investments and climate projects, facilitated with the highest transparency by blockchain technology.

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